Exquisite Corpse a Surreal Drawing Game

This is a fun game to do with your friends and family. Exquisite Corpse was created in 1925 by surreal artists André Breton, Yves Tanguy, Jacques Pévert, and Marcel Dutch.

All you need for this game is one piece of paper per player and something to draw with.

This Game works best with 3-4+ players. Each player will take a turn drawing the section of a paper. The players will not know what was drawn before them because each player will fold the paper backwards after they have completed their section. So no peeking at your neighbors drawing or it won't be as fun. Go into as much detail as you want or put a timer for each section for a quicker spontaneous outcome.

Set up

Fold each paper into 3 even sections Depending if you want to have it divided by Head, Body, Legs + feet. (Better for 3 players)

OR fold each paper into 4 even sections Depending if you want to have it divided by Head, Body, Legs, Feet. (Better for 4+ players)

Everyone will start on their own paper and draw the head of their creature. The lines of the head must connect to the bottom of the section of paper and go a little on to the next section, so the next person will know where to start drawing. Write your name one your paper so you will get your paper back at the end. Now switch with someone and everyone will draw the body.

End the body slightly over the edge of the paper. Then pass to a different person then before.

Lastly draw the legs and feet and unfold the creature and pass back to the first person.


If the paper was divided into four sections, then draw the legs then pass to another person.

Then draw the legs and pass back to the first person.

Check out how your crazy creatures turned out and have fun!

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