Paper Beads Tutorial!

Learn how to make paper beads and a bracelet. You can recycle magazine paper or use regular printer paper.

Free Template Available to print and cut. I recommend starting with the half an inch bead template, which is bigger than one fourth of an inch bead template. Print templates with the smallest margin size as your printer allows. You can use both templates to make the bracelet if you would like.

Half Inch Template

One Fourth Inch Template

For this project you will need, paper, markers, tooth picks, scissors or X-acto knife with ruler, a glue stick, string, and a glaze or mod podge. Adult supervision highly recommend for X-acto knife use.

Lets get started!

(*Note for Step 1) Follow step 1 if you are making your triangles by hand or on magazine paper.

(*Note for Step 2) Before you color your beads check out the Pattern Examples.

(*Note for Step 3) Don't glue the bead to the tooth pick and don't make the bead too tight or it won't slide off. It might take a few tries to get it right but you can do it :)

Pattern Examples

You can try different color patterns for interesting looking beads. It's a good idea to make a colored template triangle to keep unrolled, so you can use it as a reference if you want to make a bunch of the same beads evenly.

As you can see in the below photos, you only need to color the outside edges of the beads. No need to waste your time coloring the whole thing. The outer edge should be the only thing showing if you roll the bead evenly.

Let's make a bracelet! Like I said before, you can use the big beads and little beads if you want for the bracelet. Just replace the small orange beads in the diagrams with your smaller paper beads.

Thank you for checking out this project. Hope you have fun! :)

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